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1 11 11 1 10

No it isn’t binary code. It is THE date.

January 11, 2011 at 1:10 pm

Two months from now, approximately 5,200 miles away from home, I will step off yet another plane and my feet will once more be in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I can hardly believe it. Am I ready for this?

Truthfully I will NEVER be ready, yet I long to be back with the university students that I love.

We chat on Facebook and leave messages but I am ready to hear laughter and give hugs again. I am even looking forward to being tortured with Russian lessons, and I’m sure friends here are ready for me to stop torturing them with the five phrases I have already mastered.

The past few weeks have been a gamut of emotions as my departure date creeps closer. Finances loom in my head but the assurity of God’s leading, His call, and His love for Ukraine stands taller. Fears of my own inadequacy whisper in my ear, but then I chat with one of my students and it erases all doubt. I wake up with a chill in the air and try to motivate myself to get out from under the warmth of my covers and wonder how in the world I will survive winter… ok so I haven’t found anything that counters this one yet.

Within the past week I was given the money needed to acquire my visa. So I am sending off my application for this very important sticker. It still seems a bit like a dream.

With a visa and a ticket to my new home that just leaves monthly support for actually living. My goal is to raise $1,150 a month to cover expenses. If you would like to support me either with a one time gift or monthly, click here for more info.

And if you come across any great deals on Under Armour please let me know, I think I’m going to make sure they stay in business at least one more year.


Over commit to one thing (via Leadership Freak)

I am one of those people that tend to over commit. That’s why the blog below by Dan Rockwell caught my attention and I think he makes some good points.

I agree that over commitment brings about mediocre results, at best. As for failing less, I agree that if you are failing it shouldn’t be because of not being able to juggle all the commitments you have… but I do think it is entirely different if the failure is the result of stepping out and trying something new.

On the flip side knowing that I tend to over commit I seem to swing to the opposite extreme and make no commitments to anything. Neither option is healthy.

As with all things in life, a balance needs to be found. I’m still trying to find it.

What are your thoughts on committing? Over? Under? Why? How? Etc?

Over commit to one thing “Successful people have a glaring tendency to over commit,” Marshal Goldsmith. Leaders live for opportunities. Opportunities ignite passions. As a result they may chase too many chickens at once and end up empty handed. In other words, opportunities may create over commitment. Over commitment yields mediocre results. ***** Get further by doing less not … Read More

via Leadership Freak

Between the Stands and the Field

“You could read volumes on the work of the Holy Spirit, when five minutes of total, uncompromising obedience would make things as clear as sunlight.” – Oswald Chambers

Sometimes I think my interaction with Holy Spirit is like being a football fan versus a football player.

One of the reasons I love autumn so much is because it is football season. I have never even been to a professional football game but I have spent countless hours jumping up and down, yelling at refs that couldn’t hear me and telling players how they are doing. I watch intently and listen to the play-by-plays. I compliment and criticize. When it is all over, if my team won, I gloat and revel in the victory.

Sometimes I stand in the crowd when Holy Spirit is working and I jump up and down, get excited, or scream and shout. Other times I step back and analyze, like giving a play-by-play I take in all that is happening so I can adequately tell the story later or so I can critique it all in my effort to understand what is really going on. I watch and listen, compliment and criticize. When it is all over, I rejoice with others around me.

The problem?

In both scenarios I am nothing but a spectator, standing on the sidelines. Close to all the action, surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells but still at a distance, safe, not really involved.

I am also a visual tactile learner, meaning I have to see it AND do it or get my hands on it for it to make sense or for it to stick. I can read the directions to a game all day long but if I don’t actually get in the  middle of it I never really understand and it is never any fun.

There is a huge difference between cheering in the stands and being in the game, getting tackled, bruised, and hit. The playing field can be brutal. It is challenging. Things don’t always go the way you planned. But it is also exciting. There is reward for the suffering and there is a special bond between those who are on the field. In the end, the victory really means something because you were part of it.

muddy football

Photo by Vince Petaccio

What’s my point? I can study, seek out, analyze and hang around places where the Spirit is moving, but if I don’t step out in obedience to what He has already revealed I will always just be on the sidelines cheering. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of living on the sidelines. I don’t want to just read about miracles, I want to be one of the ones praying for them and seeing them become reality. I don’t want to just cheer on people who are bringing the Kingdom to earth, I want to be part of bringing Kingdom to earth.

How about you? Are you cheering from the sidelines or are you in the game? Are you a fan of Holy Spirit or part of His team?


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